Jazz is the Music of Soul

Jazz is still popular with guitar, piano, saxophone, flute, keyboard, percussion instruments and the trumpet among others adding to the tempo. The immense revival in the popularity of jazz music is adding to the growth in the numbers of amateurs wanting to learn principally jazz piano and jazz guitar among other instruments.

Started as an experimental form by the African slaves the jazz music attempted at combining the African folk culture with the American form of music. The most attractive fact about the jazz that draws so many musicians to this form of music is its wide periphery that offers you to experiment with this musical pattern. The warm sound of jazz also creates positive vibes in the mind of the listeners and they become 'gators' in the proper sense of the word.

Nowadays, more and more people are getting attracted towards learning jazz music, particularly jazz guitar playing. If you wish to learn to play jazz guitar getting the apt guitar that has a distinctive jazz sound is very important. To learn to play jazz guitar you need to listen to jazz a lot. You have to have real passion for this kind of music and step by step become a 'gator'. Taking professional training or following online lessons can also help you to learn to play jazz music properly.

The 20th century music World has seen the entry of light and easy listening music with African-American jazz. Originating in southern USA, jazz is a combination of African and European music traditions. It puts together the use of blue notes, improvisation, syncopation and swing notes.

Jazz music was first used in reference to music from Chicago early in the 20th century. It has evolved in several other subgenres such as New Orleans Dixieland, big band-style swing, bebop, Afro-Cuban jazz, Brazilian jazz, jazz-rock fusion, and the more recent acid jazz.

Throughout the years jazz has always been preferred music genre among those who enjoy light and easy listening. There are radio stations that play only this music. Jazz music can be heard most everywhere hotel lounges, salons, concert halls, wedding receptions, Jazz is perhaps also the most unique form of music as there are no two jazz music performances are ever the same.